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Bespoke Engineering
Examples of our bespoke engineered solutions to ease manual handling tasks designed and built around custom applications and equipment
Beam Handling

Beam Handling

Commissioned by Network Rail, we provided a brand new system for transporting 8.4m, 1 tonne wooden beams to fit under the rails where they run along the aches leaving the platform at Waterloo Station.

The solution is now in place and will save around £50,000 per annum by speeding up and improving their operations.

Not only moving beams over different ground levels but also the drive latches onto a platform / turntable truck for moving equipment and consumables.

This system can be used in the construction industry for moving lintels and I beams. Also for moving across poor terrain for logs or tree stumps.

Pod Puller

Specifically designed solution

This is a powerhouse of a tug simply designed for 1 purpose.

A waste compacted Pod can weigh over 2 tonnes, so a robust, single user product was required to connect directly with the Pod and lift. This then provided a highly manoeuvrable means for moving from fill to collection point.


Spray Rig

This powered solution allows spray rigs to be electrically driven

Solving not just the packaging of our powered axle drive system but also ensuring the drive system remains serviceable whilst in a very humid spray environment.

We provide the drive system for manufacturers to fit into their production machines with full UK engineering support to give their customers the best possible solution.



An amazing compact lighting station is a world unique solution

Battery power lighting with battery powered propulsion. Self propelled, it means that a single user can load and deploy several units in many places a standard station would need a skilled driver to tow and manoeuvre a single unit.

SILENT, this unit gives lighting and power provision where other units give neighbour noise issues.
GREEN, just £1 to recharge.
STABLE, designed to withstand high winds, unique fold-out legs giving huge site versatility placement on unlevel ground.

This ground-up revolutionary design further demonstrates our ability to take your concepts to reality. These can be found at hire shops.

Goodsman LD

Utilising an industry standard Bird Beak it is very quick and easy to collect and release the drum

Specifically designed to collect 120ltr to 208ltr drums from up to 400mm bunds. Once attached and using a little body weight the user lifts the drum and the specially designed struts control the descent to a transit position. Releasing the slide mechanism, the drum translates to a lower position where the unit drives easily over poor surfaces to the collection lorry.

Risk free to user and drum, another world unique product from MGB Easy Handling



We offer two types. A wide, gritted 2 piece ramp designed specifically for the GoodsMan DD, and a versatile folding ramp set.

Using ramps allows the load to be collected from point and loaded with a simple and safe balance technique, often the load is left on the electric GoodsMan sack truck making the whole logistics solution much more safe and efficient.

The DD ramp set
A wide flat gritted 2 piece ramp designed specifically for the GoodsMan DD. This allows safe transit of goods onto vans and it is portable enough to load onto the van providing easy delivery solutions. Available in 2 heights to cater for the typical, and much higher van decks.

Folding ramp set
Giving maximised versatility but also very compact with load capability of over 600kg (per pair) again 2 heights available.
(not suitable for GoodsMan DD)

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