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Read what some of our customers have had to say about our electric powered sack trucks

"I had a need to help me move heavy loads every day in my work the Goodsman 300 would be good, in fact I am amazed how it has helped me and I can now do my work easier and sometimes quicker, I had small problem recently and the aftersales service was in quite simply amazing, thanks guys for a great product."

“I have found my bin boy indispensible for carrying heavy shopping and luggage from my car up to my house along a steep cobbled narrow street in the Italian mountain village where I spend the summer. Mark and his team have provided fantastic service and been always available to help and give advice on the rare occasion I have experienced a problem. This is best of British !”

“I saw the electric sack trucks at the NAMM show and tried the demonstration machine for ourselves, I was unsure if it would benefit us but me and the fitting crew wouldn't be without our machine and I look to get another in the future”

“I am constantly amazed by how good the electric sack truck is, wish I had one years ago. I like to show off my GoodsMan sack truck whenever I get the chance”

"Since we first trialled a BinBoy, and understood that putting electric motors onto equipment to do very hard tasks, very easily, made perfect sense our GoodsMan 350 really does all that we need. Van to door deliveries of 250kg, over traditionally difficult ground such as gravel and grass, are now effortless. This was previously a very difficult, and often a 2-man task, that one man can do repeatedly now with ease. It has quite simply surpassed our expectations - well done guys."

"It’s been 15 years since we first used a tail-lift that significantly improved the ease of our work, the GoodsMan 300 is today's significant step in that evolution."

"I contacted MGB as I needed a sack truck to make moving sacks of potatoes much easier, we discussed my needs and they modified one for me and the machine delivered to me has been fantastic."

Strong; Robust; Reliable

This machine is 2 years old, just in for its first service yet still going strong on original batteries. A well-used sack truck that is one of four in this company moving bouncy castles day in, day out of 200kg + over grass, gravel and slopes.

See our electric powered sack trucks in action
Goodsman M - Powered Sack Truck for Monumental Masonry
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