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Powered Commercial Bin Handling - GoodsmanW
Moving heavy 2 and 4 wheeled bins is now possible with a fast and versatile W series GoodsMan
Goodsman W


  • Easily moves up to 450kg *
  • Excellent control on ramps and gradients
  • Grass, gravel and steep slopes are easily negotiated
  • Removes user fatigue — not pushing but driving the load!
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Torque assisted to transit position
  • Quiet in operation
  • Patented “grab n go” bin collection
  • Parks the bin hinge against the wall *


  • Model W (pictured left) can move 80, 120, 240 & 360 ltr 2 wheeled bins *
  • The DW (in the video above) is adjustable to move 660 to 1100 litre bins
  • Handset is ergonomically designed for fingers and gloves
  • Variable forward and reverse drive
  • Two speeds – for safe and easy transit over smooth and rough terrains
  • On-vehicle charging *
  • Rough terrain driving
  • Right or left handed drive
  • Battery charge monitor
  • 1 year return to base limited warranty
  • Battery upgrade available *
  • Typical 1 hour / 2 miles per charge

* Model dependant

Bin tug

Bin Tug Attachment

This simple and fast fitting attachment allows a lightweight bin up to 150kg to be towed whilst still retaining a GoodsMan 350 sack truck available to do general duties.


"I had a need to help me move heavy loads every day in my work the Goodsman 300 would be good, in fact I am amazed how it has helped…

Gary Ollivant

“I have found my bin boy indispensible for carrying heavy shopping and luggage from my car up to my house along a steep cobbled narrow street in the Italian mountain…

Dr Marcia Pointon

“I saw the electric sack trucks at the NAMM show and tried the demonstration machine for ourselves, I was unsure if it would benefit us but me and the fitting…

Geraint Griffith
Griffith Memorials

“I am constantly amazed by how good the electric sack truck is, wish I had one years ago. I like to show off my GoodsMan sack truck whenever I get…

Mike Hockett

"Since we first trialled a BinBoy, and understood that putting electric motors onto equipment to do very hard tasks, very easily, made perfect sense our GoodsMan 350 really does all…

Neil Hickman, Director
Hickman Supplies Limited

"It’s been 15 years since we first used a tail-lift that significantly improved the ease of our work, the GoodsMan 300 is today's significant step in that evolution."

Mansfield Memorials

"I contacted MGB as I needed a sack truck to make moving sacks of potatoes much easier, we discussed my needs and they modified one for me and the machine…

Shaun Connolly
SAC Potatoes
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