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An extensive and broad base of engineering skills developed at Lotus Engineering, designing and building prototypes for many manufacturers
GoodsmanW Cutout

An extensive and broad base of engineering skills developed at Lotus Engineering, designing and building many prototypes for many manufacturers, some of which were the first of their type.

Our skills and experience allow our products to be designed with many more considerations than any other sack truck, ensuring ergonimics, safety, durability and value for money are always in place. These are problem solving machines providing best parctise solutions to all industries.

All too often we hear of “customs and practices” being an acceptable and normal way to do work. Those days are gone but the change to better practices needn’t be just an cost but often show a return on investment actually saving money in the long run.

Before we helped VW TPS parts distributors for moving, the norm was to push a full drum of oil out of a van onto tyres and then somehow have a number of people straining to right the drum before placing it for use. Now a highly professional system using the Goodsman DD in use over 70 sites across the UK ensuring fast and efficient drum delivery yet mitigating the users from risk. That is true progress.

It’s not just about the power, it’s about the control and how they feel and making moving enormous weights over impossible terrain, well, simply effortless.

During our 5 years of manufacture, no sack truck has been condemned as being “uneconimical to repair”.

Some of our products are world unique, after all, whom else has produced and Patented a safe and easy way to move steel and plastic drums with the same machine and drive them on and off a van? So much better than shoving a drum off the van onto tyres we believe!

"I had a need to help me move heavy loads every day in my work the Goodsman 300 would be good, in fact I am amazed how it has helped…

Gary Ollivant

“I have found my bin boy indispensible for carrying heavy shopping and luggage from my car up to my house along a steep cobbled narrow street in the Italian mountain…

Dr Marcia Pointon

“I saw the electric sack trucks at the NAMM show and tried the demonstration machine for ourselves, I was unsure if it would benefit us but me and the fitting…

Geraint Griffith
Griffith Memorials

“I am constantly amazed by how good the electric sack truck is, wish I had one years ago. I like to show off my GoodsMan sack truck whenever I get…

Mike Hockett

"Since we first trialled a BinBoy, and understood that putting electric motors onto equipment to do very hard tasks, very easily, made perfect sense our GoodsMan 350 really does all…

Neil Hickman, Director
Hickman Supplies Limited

"It’s been 15 years since we first used a tail-lift that significantly improved the ease of our work, the GoodsMan 300 is today's significant step in that evolution."

Mansfield Memorials

"I contacted MGB as I needed a sack truck to make moving sacks of potatoes much easier, we discussed my needs and they modified one for me and the machine…

Shaun Connolly
SAC Potatoes
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