MGB Easy Handling
LOADS Easier, LOADS Further
Driven by innovation, MGB developed the Goodsman and Binboy range of electric powered sack trucks to take the strain away from manual handling tasks in both domestic and commercial environments

With a 300kg transport capacity, this powerful sack truck is built for the most demanding applications.


Whether moving products from van to door or around your premises, the Goodsman 300 is safe, versatile and affordable, the ultimate goods delivery solution.


Designed for fast and safe drum deliveries, this machines solves and age old issue of drum handling.


Easily lift the drum to transit position, up a purpose made ramp into the van, securing the rig to the bulkhead allowing deliveries exactly where required.


This patented design moves a 90kg / 240ltr wheelie bin over poor terrain with complete ease and safety.


Applications for both domestic and commercial use are endless. Food, Hygiene, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Logistics, Waste, Packaging.


Easy and flexible drum handling, designed to collect 120ltr to 208ltr drums from up to 400mm bunds.


Once attached and using some body weight the user lifts the drum and the specially designed struts control the descent to a transit position.

Examples and Applications